Our Story

We are the Cockadoodle Dominators team 3931 of First Robotics. What is First? It's an organization that helps children gain an understanding of science. It's not just about robots, it builds spirit, teamwork, and skills that can be taken into future careers.

Team History: Ann Fairburn, former coach of Team 1939 moved to Chickasha. She invited the superintendent to the Oklahoma regional. He was impressed and agreed to have a team in Chickasha. It is now a class of 30 people and an after school program of 13 more.  
Team Goals: We hope to spark interest in students for science and engineering. To better Chickasha's small community by creating a more technologically literate workforce. To build a functioning robot and a sustainable robotics team. And to have fun while doing it.  
Team's FIRST Impact: Held holiday food and coat drive. Trained as the UL Safety Ambassadors and will present it to the elementary schools. Developed a geocache site for Chickasha history. Created Chickenator phone app with team logo and link to FIRST site.  
Community Description: Chickasha, OK is a small rural town based on agriculture and some industry. Population-16,000. 72% of students have free/reduced lunch upon entering high school. 45% of households have an income of < $25,000. 13% of families are below the poverty level  
Team Strengths: We have the full support of administration, and great partnerships. A diverse group of mentors are available and access to machining and welding. Cockadoodle Dominators has the rousing enthusiasm of a rookie team and is eager to make a name for itself.  
Most Significant Challenge Overcome: Significant poverty rate. 72% free and reduced lunch in high school. 90% free and reduced lunch in the entire school district. Lack of computers. Lack of basic school necessities. Lack of funds. We rely entirely on fundraisers and donations.  
Robot and Game Strategy: Our robot features a 1 wheel shooter and 6 wheel drive. It has a wide frame, and a conveyor system. Our strategy is defense - to pick balls up and lob them across the field, to climb over the bridge quickly, and to balance on the ramp to gain points.  
Awards: Most Competitive for Which Awards Rookie All Star, Rookie Inspiration, Team Spirit ,Creativity, Imagery, Engineering Excellence, Entrepreneurship, Excellence in Design, Gracious Professionalism, Industrial Safety, Judges' Award  
Funding Sources: Main partners are jcpenney/i.am.first, NASA, Chickasha School Foundation, Tinker Air Force Base, Ross Medical, YMCA Chickasha, Canadian Valley Technology, and HSI Sensing. We have raised $21,500 in grants, $11100 in cash and $5,074 in gifts in kind.  
Public Awareness: Presentations to Rotary, HSI Sensing, school board, Chickasha City Council proclamation, demonstration to high school student body, local radio station interview, and a series of articles in the Express Star newspaper chronicling the team's rookie year.