September 10, 2013

Robotics has been a fun experiance so far, except for the programming. Just no. Anyways, everything has been a new learning experiance, such as learning all about the light bulbs and knowing how to sell them. Also everyone has been real helpful and willing to learn. All in all, I think this will be a really fun year of new friends, experiances, and memories.
     I would like to talk about all the meetings I've been to so far. The first one I went to was kind of like, oh well I'm the new person let's find a place where I fit in. That didn't happen till we went to the county fair and I got to show off my selling skills. That day was an awesome day, just because I got to find where I fit in the team. To every one else it might be a different part of the team. The other meetings have been wonderful and full of learning and new understands. I think that is why everyone does really well in robotics because you can learn and do at your own pace and make really good friends. Sure we might not look like a lot right now but I can tell you that by the buliding and competition season we will be stonger than ever. That is my veiw of robotics.

Febuary 19, 2013
Today we are finishing our robot; we have made a robot with a shooter and a moving camera under the shooter. The shooter board lifts to different angles to hit the goals. We have made two different buttons, our normal buttons, and a button for this years game. We are currently working on all the programing and the shooting of the robot.

February 4, 2013 
On Saturday part of our team went to HSI Sensing to create the final shooter for the robot. We also built the drive chassis and electronics board. 

Febuary 2, 2013
We decided to go with a striaght shooter last night; we came to the conclusion that it would be the same either way. Using the curved shooter we gained a couple more feet than the striaght shooter, but we decided with the straight shooter because it would be easier to access than the curved shooter. Another reason we went with the straight shooter is that the curved shooter wouldn't be in the middle and it would be harder to feed, with the straight shooter we will be able to have the shooter in the middle and feed it easier. We also took Clucky apart. 


Febraury 1, 2013
So far our team has made progress in many ways; we are still debating on a straight shooter or a curved shooter. At the begining of the season we were debating on climbing, but we came to the conclusion that it would be too difficult for us to do. We didn't want to mess with so many mechanisms and we wouldn't have had a lot of time to drive and test the robot. Our spirit team has been working on making hats and buttons so far. 

Kickoff 2013

On January fifth, The Chickasha robotics team, The Cockadoodle Dominators, traveled to Stillwater, where we learned the game format for 2013. We were tense and anxious to see the new game. Everyone was teetering on the edge of their seats in anticipation. We were kinda disappointed that it was not a water game but however the Frisbees were cool aspect of the game. After our delicious lunch, we headed back to where we watched the video and got our kit of parts. There we split off in to 3 groups, one for programming, another for electronics, and the last for engineering. And we started building our chassis.

Zack, one of the mentors from HSI Sensing, stayed in the engineering room and got the two rookies on the team to start by taking apart old gear boxes that had working motors and got two to put together the new ones. When the old gear boxes where taken apart Zach got the people who took them apart and others to work on the frame or chassis. It was confusing at first putting the chassis together. We had to redo some sections a couple of times, but, we were one of first teams to get the chassis done.

Our programming team was done before the rest of our team. The reason why they finished so fast was because our programmers took the time to come up the day before and had all the programming systems installed, which means we had the newest version of Labview. They also stayed in the programming room for a while testing the program. Our programming team helped other teams, as well. After they finished everything they came into the engineering room to see how our work was progressing. After they found out that we were done most of them went and helped other teams on engineering.

Eventually all of our team was done engineering, programming, and electronics. One the electronics were done we all gathered by the frame and we attached the electronics board to the frame. It was alittle weird because we had to use duct tape to hold it to the frame. Once programming connected to the electronics board we soon had a working robot frame. All of the first time builders were happy we had actually built something that was moving.